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Why the name Chester Toolworks?

Chester New Hampshire is a small town with a long toolmaking heritage. The prolific John Sleeper of Chester worked making wooden hand planes locally from 1814-1825 after moving from Newburyport Massachusetts. The various Underhill tool companies also got their start here during the early 1800s making chisels, axes, froes, cutlery, plane irons, and other edge tools. Many of the attributions for their tools made in Auburn and Manchester ignore the fact that much of both towns were part of Chester during the time they worked. With such a town toolmaking history, I wanted to honor the place I live.

How do I place a custom order?

You can email me and attach a sketch or alternately just describe what you want. With the possible exception of using a custom wood on a standard product, we will normally need to email and converse several times so that we can reach full agreement on your needs and settle on a price. If you want to order a custom product, please include your day and evening phone number in your email. Please note that all custom orders are sold on a prepaid basis. I do not give estimated prices. You will get a FIRM price which won't change unless you change the requirements while the work is in progress.

Why isn't your phone number listed on the website?

I make tools on a part time basis. I also have a full time job, which I enjoy. I'm not available by phone during the day and during the evenings I'm either making things, relaxing, or sleeping. If your email includes your phone number, I'll be happy to call you at my expense. If purchasing from me without having my phone number makes you uncomfortable, check out the How to Buy page and contact one of my dealers.

I would like further details about your tools, how do I get it?

Since I'm not a computer geek and producing even this simple a website was a stretch for me, I made it short and simple. I'll be happy to answer any and all questions you have about my products. Email me at and I'll get back to you, usually within a day.


How do you ship your products?

I normally ship via US Postal Service Priority Mail Insured, but other methods are available by special request. Fedex, and UPS are readily available. Shipping is billed at cost. I don't believe in inflated packaging charges so you'll never see one of those.

What is your privacy policy?

My privacy policy is very simple.  All of our communications are private.  I will not sell, loan, share, or give out ANY of your information including email address to anyone at any time under any circumstances. Period, finito, end of story.


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